Introducing Pillmanager
Complete Medication Management on Your Mobile Phone and Your PC

  • A flexible Reminder System to make sure that you never forget to take your medication, ever!
  • Keeps a history of all medications taken and email it to whomsoever you wish
  • Helps you save Time and Money by Re-ordering Medications, Anytime and from Anywhere, Online
  • Transmit your Prescription to any Pharmacy or Surgery, by sending a list of your medication or an image of your Prescription, instantly!
  • App available for both the iPhone and Android phones, as well as for your PC now. PC version can be accessed at
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There are two ways you can benefit from your customers downloading and using this FREE App:
Sign up to have your own Pharmacy Branded version of PillManager
  • Register with us, at, to be the first to offer an online medication management, and a prescription ordering system for both mobile phones as well as a PC to all your customers, with your own Pharmacy branded Application. Here is how it works:
  • Once you are approved, you will be able to upload your company logo on to the web site, and embed a web link in the logo that you can program to go to any web site
  • Ask your customers to download the PillManager for FREE from the Appstore or Google Play and select your Pharmacy by entering your post code within the Select Pharmacy Option inside the Settings option. Your Customers will now see your Pharmacy branded logo on their App.
  • Your Customers can even use a PC version of the App by signing on at
  • You may also download a PillManager Client App (the PatientManager) that runs discreetly on your Pharmacy computer and will alert you in a non-intrusive manner, when a customer sends you a Prescription Request.
  • You may print a formal authorization, from your customer, to collect the Prescription from the Surgery
  • Once the medication is ready, you can instantly send a notification from within the PatientManager directly to the customer's Phone.
  • Customers can also set a reminder as to when to re-order their medication
  • That's it! Your customer is now able to send their orders via their mobile phone directly to your computer, and you can instantly notify them when you receive or process their orders
If you do not wish to sign up, but still try out the benefits of the PillManager App:
  • Remind your customers to download the Pillmanager app either from the App store or Google Play
  • Ask them to add your email address when setting the Pharmacy setting option after installation
  • Make sure to tell them to use the re-order feature in the app to transmit their prescription request
  • Your customer is now able to send their orders via their mobile phone to your email address
Register with us and we will provide you with additional promotional ideas and offers.
If you have any queries about the PillManager application, please contact
Media Enquires
For all media enquiries and press kits, please contact Further information and documentation will be released in the days preceding the official app launch.