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The PillManager app is compact and user-friendly, but packs in essential functionality for medication tracking and reordering in a secure environment.

Core Features

·         My Meds – The user can manually add their own medication within the app, including name, number of doses, reminder times, frequency and the number of days to take the medication.

·         Reminders – The PillManager app provides audible and visual alerts based on the settings assigned to each type of medication. Users can preview their medication schedule for the day on the ‘Reminders’ tab.

·         History – The user’s medication consumption history is stored within the app, allowing them quick and easy reference as to what medications they have taken and when. Records can be sorted by date and selected records can be emailed to others upon request.

·         Reorder – Users have two options for reordering their regular medication. By selecting the standard reorder option, the user is able to select one or more of their stored medications before adding a required quantity and emailing it to their doctor or pharmacist. Alternatively, the user can utilise their device’s camera to take a picture of the medication or prescription and again transmit it to their specified medical professional.

Additional Features

·         Security – The PillManager app is secured by a user-set PIN, which is created upon initial setup and is required every time the app is accessed.

·         Customisable Alerts – Alerts are delivered to the user visually in the form of notifications and the audible alerts can be modified according to the user’s preference. Also, unlike other apps, users are not confined to a certain schedule. While the schedule is based upon morning, midday, evening and bedtime, the actual time values are customisable to the minute depending on the user’s own requirements.